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Streamline Business Operations and Sales Processes for Accelerated Growth

Drive consistent growth by optimizing your sales process, maximizing CRM utilization, and building strategic sales-operations playbooks made by our expert business growth advisors.
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Is Your Business Facing These Challenges Of Operationalizing Sales?

  • Executive leadership is spread thin and doing too much
  • No defined sales process and/or sales methodology
  • Not sure how to operationalize or where to start
  • Sales team accountability to KPIs is lacking
  • Expensive to hire a pro sales-ops leader
  • CRM is not optimized or is underutilized
  • Sales team may be misaligned
  • No SalesOps Playbook
Then M Sales Growth Advisors is here to help!

At MSGA, We Empower Small Businesses To Achieve Greatness

M Sales Growth Advisors (MSGA) is a distinguished consulting firm that helps small businesses challenged with closing complex, long-cycle deals achieve sales greatness. With over 30 years of B2B sales operations experience, our sales growth consultants bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to SMBs in the digital and technology industries. Our personalized approach ensures that each strategy aligns uniquely with our client’s business goals and market dynamics.
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Strategic Sales-Ops Playbook Development & Implementation

Our business growth agency will help you think and act strategically, designing a playbook that is comprehensive in scope and flexible to accommodate an ever-changing business environment.

Fractional Head Of Sales Coaching & Accountability

We utilize KPIs and our insights to guide sales team activities, measure outcomes, and implement data-driven decisions to accelerate your revenue production and, in turn, your company growth.
Discover how you can generate revenue growth, empower your sales team, and unlock the secrets to sales success with our FREE Guides!

Hear It From Our Clients

Read how we've helped them realize their sales growth potential!

Working with M Sales has been a company-changing experience for Hustler Marketing. While we have seen nice growth since we started the firm, we lacked a sophisticated, scalable, and strategic sales process. Scott was instrumental in helping us define, develop, and implement each item we needed to be a strong and focused sales operation. In addition to the plan, he even helped train the sales team and the CEO in accountability as well as sales management. There is no doubt he exceeded our team's expectations and we look forward to his continued advisory while we work on his plan.

Scott is a game-changer. He provided sorely needed sales leadership to our mutual client DigitalC, which is a non-profit that operates a broadband service in Cleveland's disadvantaged neighborhoods. He guided our client when crafting sales strategies and tactics, and then coached its newly knighted sales team on execution and accountability. With Scott's help, our client's sales grew 10x in a little over six months. The client is now positioned to scale its entire enterprise.

M Sales Growth Advisors has been the ultimate business partner in our quest to develop a scalable sales process. Their expertise has been invaluable and accessibility unparalleled! If you and your business are struggling to find a repeatable cadence for new business development and lead generation, I would highly advise working with them!

Great company and great sales leader! Scott Moss had a positive impact on my business. He helped me to organize a sales team and structure that took our organization to the next level without the expense of hiring a full-time sales manager. His strategic insight and mentorship were invaluable in our becoming a sales-focused organization. Highly recommend!

Scott Moss and M Sales Growth Advisors play a key role in our company’s efforts to fulfill our vision, which is to become an unrivaled, evolving business that empowers others to be extraordinary. That may be a lofty goal for an outsource IT management company, but Scott truly has a keen sense about how to make that work through his well-developed sales strategies.

When we first engaged with Scott, we were in the process of rebuilding our outside sales and marketing efforts. Scott’s expertise and focus on strategic sales and CRM tools were crucial as we sought to build a scalable, repeatable process for our business; something we had always struggled to achieve, despite respectable growth over the years. We recognized we needed something different, and that what we needed was outside expertise to elevate our in-house capabilities.

Scott is easy to work with on both a professional and personal level, which is important for any collaboration, but perhaps more so in what can only be described as highly stressful work: sales. He is resourceful, listens first, but quick to express constructive opinion. He creates a sense of calm in the storm, but never loses sight of accountability and running the sales team with good coaching, and the expectation of results.

When your business is ready to push to the next level, especially if you have a strategic vision to grow your organization, I can think of few professionals more qualified than Scott and M Sales Growth Advisors.

We were amid a salesforce restructure when a LinkedIn email announced Scott’s new venture, M Sales Growth Advisors. I reached out to Scott and was immediately impressed with his experience and structured approach to rethinking the sales function of my company. I credit Scott for bringing the disciplined process our team needed to achieve a record 2021. Thank you, Scott!

Scott Moss is one word: Fantastic! He has helped me create structure followed by process for our sales organization. Scott overhauled my comp models, created KPIs, and helped create a clear sales strategy. He helped to optimize my CRM tool - Hubspot - resulting in clear tracking, objectives, and tasks. I now have a clear, plug-and-play model that will hold my sales team members accountable. If you are looking for help in overhauling your sales process or in my case creating one, Scott has the knowledge and capability to deliver.

Scott is such a pleasure to work with and he comes to the table with unmatched subject matter expertise in sales management. He came in, rolled up his sleeves, and went to work on modernizing our US sales operation. Scott has been instrumental in helping with interviewing sales staff, vetting marketing vendors, and configuring email sequences in CRM. In a few short months we saw tangible improvements on all the areas he worked in. I highly recommend him for any sales related assistance.

I have always relied on talented fractional leaders to provide expertise to my company as we've grown. When it was time to work with a fractional sales leader Scott was the obvious choice for us. Scott is not only very knowledgeable about sales and sales leadership but possesses meticulous attention to detail. This is balanced by a strong understanding of the human aspects of sales and the sales process.

Scott's work with us transformed our sales process. We developed the right sales plan and put together the right sales team. He was a great asset in coaching and hiring. He understood our business and our industry. He functioned as part of our team, whom I could bounce ideas off of and who helped us grow.

I can't recommend Scott enough. If you need sales leadership help, Scott is your guy.

Scott is a true professional in every sense of the word. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable regarding how to best leverage systems, automation, and training from a sales/marketing and overall growth perspective, but he is organized, thoughtful... and is an individual who operates with 100% integrity. I highly recommend Scott if you are looking to optimize sales/marketing within your organization. Thanks for your dedication to our success Scott!

In short, Scott Moss and M Sales Growth Advisors brought a wealth of knowledge with concrete, usable, realistic methodology along with content templates to dramatically improve our Sales & Lead Generation processes. I HIGHLY recommend Scott and M Sales Growth Advisors !!!

Scott is exceptional in leading the ‘Strategic Sales Playbook’ (SSP) process and engagement of our entire leadership and sales teams. The deliverables and timeline were closely monitored and met due to Scott’s attention to detail throughout the process.

The SSP building process is broken down into workable 2 week cycles that really helped us focus on what was needed during each phase. The amount of time our staff was required to participate during the creation of the SSP was minimal. Scott does a GREAT job of critical listening to gather quickly all information from our team members.

We were REALLY IMPRESSED with how Scott’s expertise in lead generation cadence, sales coaching, and KPI accountability was all incorporated into our HubSpot application for top optimization and on-going disciplines to dramatically improve our entire sales operational cycle.

If you're a sales manager or a CEO and need to put in place a sales process and build a sales organization, Scott's Strategic sales plan is a very hands-down, practical and no-BS way to do it. Besides that, Scott is an extremely nice person to work with. Very accommodating, a great conversationalist, and always to the point with tons of experience from almost any industry. If you have the chance to work with him, I highly recommend you take it!

Scott knows digital marketing and is broadly effective in devising and managing campaigns. He has insight into many industries and can quickly learn new ones. I recommend him for the business that is just learning about digital marketing and wants someone they can trust. He can also augment the staff of larger ones. Very professional and accommodating.

If you're looking for a sales-ops leader to parachute into your business and help scale your sales team, it really doesn't get better than working with Scott. His sales-ops playbook development process was key for us, and as an agency, his digital marketing background allowed him to really hit the ground running once we kicked-off together. A pleasure to work with through and through.

Scott showed up at the perfect time. We had experienced an incredible surge of growth and our sales organization needed to revitalize its processes to keep the momentum rolling long-term as a bigger company. Scott brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. He crafted a playbook that was unique to our market, utilized existing resources in his plan, and led the implementation and management of the "new way". He saved hours of labor for our team while ensuring each territory had a deep pipeline consistently. Process Matters. Scott can help!

Scott is a seasoned sales manager who is adept at identifying the business goals and sales goals of a company, breaking them down into defining ideal customer profiles, and psychographic descriptions, and arriving at the individual and team goals of a sales organization. We worked with Scott at Web2Market's sales team transformation, and the results with respect to the end process were phenomenal. He was able to author the entire sales book and set up the workflows and sequences in Hubspot for the benefit of the team. Scott is highly recommended if you want to build a sales team-led company.

During our time working together, Scott served as my sales manager and coach, demonstrating an exceptional ability to offer both positive feedback and constructive criticism.

Scott consistently provided insightful guidance that enabled me to enhance my skills and excel in my role. He possessed an eye for identifying strengths and areas for improvement, always offering actionable suggestions for growth. Through his mentorship, I developed a deeper understanding of sales strategies and techniques, significantly impacting my performance and results.

What truly sets Scott apart is his support and dedication to fostering professional development. He created a supportive environment where feedback was valued and encouraged. I really appreciated the opportunity to learn and work alongside Scott during his time at ITS, he was an asset!

I had the pleasure of working closely with Scott Moss during his tenure as a consultant at Intelligent Technical Solutions in Las Vegas. Scott's expertise in sales technologies is unparalleled, and his dedication to staying abreast of the latest advancements in the field greatly benefited our team.

During our collaboration, Scott consistently demonstrated his deep understanding of sales strategies and technologies, providing invaluable insights that helped us streamline our processes and drive growth. His ability to effectively educate and communicate complex concepts made him an invaluable resource to our organization.

Scott's professionalism, reliability, and passion for his work were evident in every interaction. He approaches challenges with a proactive mindset and a commitment to delivering results that exceed expectations. I wholeheartedly recommend Scott Moss to any organization seeking a knowledgeable and strategic sales consultant. His contributions will undoubtedly make a positive impact on any team or project.

Had the fortune of working with Scott to mature our sales process and align our HubSpot with said process. Really appreciated Scott's diligence in moving the process forward to get us the end result we were looking for. Highly recommended when it comes to your sales process and HubSpot!

Scott is a top tier professional- he spearheaded the development of our sales framework, established a lead nurturing cadence with our prospects and honed our sales pitch - all of which we still use to this day.

It was such a pleasure to work with Scott. He was always available as a resource, had great positive energy every time we spoke and made us really think about what value we provide for clients. I would highly recommend Scott as a resource to any organization looking to advance their commercial and revenue efforts.

Scott was a great asset to our firm as we began our growth process. His established knowledge in sales is a must have. His ability to hold organizations accountable to grow as the desire is second to none. Scott is very organized, passionate and driven to grow YOUR business.

Scott's greatest quality is that he cares about the outcome- the result. It's about telling people what they need to hear, not what they want to hear, which brings a lot of trust and integrity to the process!

Blog Posts

Maximizing Sales Efficiency: Expert CRM Optimization Tips from Eddie Davis and Scott Moss

During an interview with The Sales Funnel Professor, Eddie Davies, Scott Moss shared helpful sales tips and tricks. The focus was on improving sales efficiency through CRM optimization.

Scott Moss has more than 30 years of experience in B2B sales. He emphasizes the importance of good CRM hygiene. This is crucial for managing sales pipelines effectively. Using a CRM also helps reconnect with prospects who have been lost or forgotten.

By keeping accurate data and focusing on KPIs, sales teams can work better and close more deals efficiently. These strategies empower small businesses to achieve sustained revenue growth and create a culture of continuous improvement.

If you are looking to improve your sales efficiency and CRM systems go here for your free evaluation.

Revenues Growth in B2B Depends on Both Marketing and Sales Teams Working Closely Together

I think we all know that marketing tactics, such as SEO/SEM, advertising, content distribution, social media posts, etc cannot and should not be the sole approach to drive revenues growth in a B2B setting. A clearly defined and accountable sales process needs to be part of the effort. However, most small businesses, in my humble opinion, don't effectively link those tactics to an actual sales process and team whose responsibility is to ultimately close the deal.

Throughout my career as a sales leader and producer, I have always believed that to effectively grow revenues, marketing and sales need to operate in concert. There needs to be collaboration on strategy and then tactics between sales and marketing along with a clear handoff threshold from lead generation and nurturing by the marketing team to sales process flow and deal negotiation by the sales team. Missing on this critical but often-times overlooked component of a truly wholistic revenues growth strategy is akin to trying to have a conversation by talking only and not listening. It just doesn't work.

So what is one to do? Glad you asked. Here's a good starting point, put your head of sales and head of marketing in a room with a white-board and allow them to outline their ideas of what a marketing-to-sales flow should look like. Remember, this is simply the first step and that there is more work to do.

Stay tuned for more posts about this and other relevant topics to help you grow your revenues.

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