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Any company can try to grow revenues by deploying unconnected tactics, but building for the future in today’s rapidly evolving B2B climate means taking smart, proven, and sometimes bold chances. Guiding you to make insightful decisions based on a sound growth strategy is where M Sales Growth Advisors comes in.


M Sales Growth Advisors will help you think and act strategically, designing a playbook that is comprehensive in scope and flexible to accommodate a fluid business environment. Our defined process of Strategic Sales Playbook development is comprised of six equally important and interconnected pillars.

Discovery & Evaluation

Sales Mission Definition

Team Alignment Configuration

Sales Process Design

Playbook Implementation

Execution & Management 


With our years of experience, M Sales Growth Advisors knows to rely on both KPIs and our insights to effectively guide sales team activities, measure results, and quickly act on their most logical interpretation to efficiently drive continuous process improvement. We combine subject matter expertise in sales leadership with a B2B management background to accelerate your revenue production, and in turn, your company growth. We’re proud to help shape and improve how our clients structure and manage their sales operations for efficiency, repeatability, and predictability. Results matter and at the heart of what we do is holding you and your team accountable.

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President/CEO/Owner is spread too thin and doing too much

Working “in” the business instead of “on” the business

No defined sales process and sales methodology

Not quite sure how to scale or where to start

Sales team not held accountable to KPIs

Too expensive to hire pro sales leader

Missing a trusted outside advisor



We believe that every Strategic Sales Playbook, to be successful, absolutely must contain a Sales Mission.

So, what comprises a Sales Mission? Here you go:


Target Industries | Ideal Customer Profiles | Buyer Persona Descriptions | Value Propositions | KPIs & Sales Goals


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M Sales Growth Advisors was founded by Scott Moss with a single mission: Empower Small Businesses to Achieve Greatness. He personally approaches each client with fresh eyes to develop unique sales strategies that leverage sales enablement tools, continuous coaching, thought leadership content, accountability to KPIs, and a defined, repeatable, and scalable sales process. 


Scott has over 25 years of direct B2B sales experience as a producer and leader. From the C-Suite to the small business owner and from the venture-funded start-up to the mature diversified enterprise, Scott understands the challenges each face, how to overcome them, and what success means.


As for Core Values, well, each and every decision he makes is based on them. They're listed below. It's important that you know the type of person who leads M and who you will be working with to Achieve Greatness.

  1. We never give up on anything until all reasonable efforts have been exhausted.

  2. We are free, independent, and entrepreneurial thinkers.

  3. We are accountable to and responsible for doing what we say we will do.

  4. We optimistically embrace all situations to arrive at positive outcomes.

  5. We are committed to analysis and innovation for continuous improvement.


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