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Fractional Head of Sales

Your partner for sales strategy, leadership, and results.

Transform Your Sales Approach With A Fractional Head of Sales

With our years of experience as a fractional sales consultant, M Sales Growth Advisors knows to rely on both KPIs and our insights to effectively guide sales team activities, measure results, and quickly act on their most logical interpretation to efficiently drive continuous process improvement. We combine subject matter expertise in sales leadership with a B2B management background to accelerate your revenue production and your company growth. We’re proud to help shape and improve how our clients structure and manage their sales operations for efficiency, repeatability, and scalability. Results matter, and at the heart of what we do is holding you and your team accountable.

As a fractional sales manager, we will:

Above, top view of successful contract, owners of flat celebrate ownership, sitting in workplace, workstation, wearing suits, men shaking hands, woman congrats, applaud to them, it is successful deal
Work with your company's executive team to develop and implement a sales strategy that is aligned with your overall business goals
A Group of people sitting around a table
Provide leadership and develop sales training programs and mentorship to the sales team.
Unrecognizable business person analyzing graphs and taking notes
Regularly analyze sales data to identify trends and opportunities which you can use to make informed decisions about the sales strategy
Elevate your sales performance and maximize revenue with the strategic leadership of a fractional sales executive.
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