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Revenues Growth in B2B Depends on Both Marketing and Sales Teams Working Closely Together

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Scott Moss
April 30, 2020
March 31, 2020

I think we all know that marketing tactics, such as SEO/SEM, advertising, content distribution, social media posts, etc cannot and should not be the sole approach to drive revenues growth in a B2B setting. A clearly defined and accountable sales process needs to be part of the effort. However, most small businesses, in my humble opinion, don't effectively link those tactics to an actual sales process and team whose responsibility is to ultimately close the deal.

Throughout my career as a sales leader and producer, I have always believed that to effectively grow revenues, marketing and sales need to operate in concert. There needs to be collaboration on strategy and then tactics between sales and marketing along with a clear handoff threshold from lead generation and nurturing by the marketing team to sales process flow and deal negotiation by the sales team. Missing on this critical but often-times overlooked component of a truly wholistic revenues growth strategy is akin to trying to have a conversation by talking only and not listening. It just doesn't work.

So what is one to do? Glad you asked. Here's a good starting point, put your head of sales and head of marketing in a room with a white-board and allow them to outline their ideas of what a marketing-to-sales flow should look like. Remember, this is simply the first step and that there is more work to do.

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