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Women Ass-Kickers

We are an athletic family. My twin boys have played soccer year-round from the time they were 5. They are 17 now and in the midst of their senior season as defending District Champs in High School. My daughter also started playing soccer at a young age but took her talents to the track, where, by her senior year was co-captain of her High Scholl team.

I'm an avid in endurance sports athlete and my wife rides a mean bicycle. We follow the English Premier League, the NFL, marathons, USWNT soccer, and USMNT soccer, not to mention track events, triathlons, and MLS. Yes, sports mean a lot to us. Both individual and team.

There's a belief we hold that the benefits of competition, playing through some pain, accountability to teammates & outcomes, and the accomplishments realized as a result of years of disciplined practice in honing your skills actually matter off the field. If ever you have a doubt about that, just ask a former athlete, professional or amateur.

So when I excitedly read this awesome article in YPO about the National Women’s Soccer League's newest team, Angel City FC, there was not a lick of surprise at its foundation. Women! Some athletes, some actors, some executives. All adamantly focused not just on the success of the franchise but also on the success of women in business, sports, community, politics, and more. There it is, athletics propelling a greater mission.

To borrow a few words from the piece's author Anna Dimond: Angel City, like its nontraditional investors (which eventually came to include luminaries like tennis player Serena Williams and actress/activist Eva Longoria) and its historic, majority-female group of founders, is forging its own path. Its mission — equality, impact, entertainment and community — is woven into its value proposition.

I absolutely love this and can't wait to watch the final product as well as the impact it has on a broader scale. Yes, it is about Achieving Greatness and we should all be so bold as to take on this type of challenge. Ask yourself what you are doing to Achieve Greatness. Then go get it done. Angel City FC already has.

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