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What I Like About Pitch

Sales pitch, that is. HubSpot author Gabe Larsen, who moonlights as an international sales consultant, penned a very pragmatic article centered around developing an effective sales pitch. He provides easy to follow steps and several examples of winner pitches.

You can read it right here. Couple (actually five because I love lists of five) things popped out at me that I'll share with you below.

  1. Short, sweet, and to the point is better than long, bitter, and hard to follow.

  2. Working in a little storytelling can bring in a nice relatability factor.

  3. Don't forget about your value proposition - it matters, always!

  4. If you have success metrics, sprinkle in a bit for seasoning.

  5. Practice your pitch on video and scrutinize your performance for improvements.

In closing this post, I'll say what I always say, Achieve Greatness. Why? Because it is within your grasp!

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