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Small Businesses Fill the Top of the Lead Funnel

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

Word on the street is that B2B companies with less than 25 employees are focused on filling the top of their lead funnels. Wait, so there are businesses out there with their heads up and looking forward, not frozen in wait-and-see mode? I love it! Growth can happen regardless of external business circumstances. That is, as long as company leaders plan and execute properly.

Now, please don't take my comments to mean I am insensitive to how horribly the Pandemic has impacted small businesses. Quite the contrary. It kills me to see what is happening in independent hospitality, restaurant, and retail, not to mention the adversity their valuable employees must face. I've always been an emotional person (ask my wife & kids). I also am extremely tenacious (again, ask my wife & kids).

That being said, I believe small B2B companies can be sensitive to the plight of our nation and also persevere to best position themselves for success in a post-pandemic economy. In my humble opinion, the way to do it seems pretty straight-forward.

Be smart and strategic in your business pursuits. Take time to truly understand what things may look like in several months. Don't be greedy. Don't think only of yourself. And in every business action you endeavor, be mindful of what it means to your company, customers, employees, suppliers, and community one year from now.

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