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Get Outta My Face

You heard me right. But wait, you're thinking. I am not in his face. Plus, what a horrible thing to say. And, why is he saying it at all?

Why? Zoom! That's why.

I am sure you have all had the experience of a Zoom call gone mad. Like the camera pointed up someone's nose. Someone sitting a mere few inches from the lens. Somone talking when muted. Someone talking when not muted but should have been. Only seeing half of someone's face. Someone talking to and looking at the wrong screen. Someone making weird bodily noises. Or someone thinking they are Don Corleone by sitting in the shadows of a dimly lit office where only their silhouette is visible.

No matter how many articles have been written about this, warnings made, reminders sent, someone continues to miss the guidance. With that, I stumbled across an article this weekend that offers some really good advice that someone should seriously consider. You can read it by clicking right here.

Please share with anyone you think will appreciate the insight. Make sure the end of September and beginning of October are characterized by you Achieving Greatness. And if you want to know who someone is, look in the mirror. That's what I did.

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