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August is Upon Us

Sure is. The last month of Summer 2020. Remote learning. Remote working. Remote socializing (kind of). For me, it's become second nature. Old hat. Nothing new. What's the big deal? That's the big deal! I've grown 100% accustomed to our new world and I might just like it. I bet you're now wondering the point to the title of this promising blog post. Here's my response to your very much appreciated inquisitiveness.

I'm not quite sure but it has a great rhythm to it, yes? Or maybe I chose it because it's hard to believe that as we enter August, I'm not dreading another month of this new way of interacting. I've embraced it and so have many others. It's not something I can change and my business and life must go on regardless. I've elected to not be burdened by it. Rather, I'm taking full advantage of it.

M Sales Growth Advisors offers a valuable service that small business owners need. Operating remotely has not changed that fact. When I reach out to my ideal customers to pitch them, they still recognize the overwhelmingly positive impact of strategic sales planning on their company's revenue growth goals. They want to hear how I can help. They want to understand my process.

And guess what? Your ideal customers will want to learn how your product or service can help them too. Don't be afraid. Don't be apprehensive. Believe in your value proposition and get out there with it. When people say to me that they are waiting for things to settle down, I am thoroughly convinced that they have lost a bit of conviction in what they do and may simply need a little kick in the rear to get them going again. So here it is.

Hopefully, this motivated or resonated with you somehow. If it did, please share it with your colleagues. Odds are they can use the motivation too in their quest to Achieve Greatness. Because from time to time we can all use a little kick in the rear.

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