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Accomplishing More with Less

I was on a Zoom yesterday with a colleague I've known for a few years. He's a retired HR executive who had a very successful career in both the consulting and the corporate worlds. As with our previous conversations in the past, though those were typically over a cup of coffee at an actual coffee shop, we spent time chatting about human capital and talent challenges facing small businesses. We both agreed that those challenges would be especially magnified as we begin life in the "new normal" business environment.

And the biggest challenge of them, although I'm sure some will debate whether this is indeed the biggest, is How Can Businesses (size does not matter here) Thrive, Not Just Survive? So, my colleague submitted that figuring out how to get more stuff done with fewer people, less expense, diminished resources, whatever variable cost descriptor you want to plug-in, will be the key. My response? Brilliant!

Except it's not brilliant. I don't mean to take anything away from my colleague. He is one of the smartest people I know, seriously. But when you think about what he said, it probably is the oldest, most proven, and maybe even most obvious methods to business success: DO MORE WITH LESS. Yes, it makes complete sense. Increased efficiency can be the elixir to all that ails us, from a business perspective that is.

Am I suggesting business leaders should look at what to cut? Maybe yes, maybe no. But what I am 100% certain of is that we need to evaluate anything and everything that makes our companies run to ensure it is being allocated for maximum efficiency. And if it isn't, it's time to adjust. Easier said than done? Yep. But that's why leaders are the leaders.

Have a great day everyone, leave constructive comments as you see fit, and here's to all small businesses Achieving Greatness.

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