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Thinking Critically Like Elon & Jeff

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Scott Moss
July 2, 2020

Do you think critically? Do you think you think critically? Do you know what critical thinking actually is? My answer to each was a resounding, YES! I AM A CRITICAL THINKER! So, what's your answer? Pump the brakes for a quick sec and before you venture a commitment, either way, let's look at an article I recently read from Inc. Magazine that was penned by Justin Bariso for some insight. You can find it by clicking right here. And, below are some highlights along with my takeaways, since I know that's why you're reading this in the first place.

As defined in the article, critical thinking is the process of careful and deep thinking about a subject or idea. It includes being able to analyze and weigh facts, to carefully reason, and to make insightful connections. Well, that certainly makes sense to me. In fact, it is what I wish every single day for my kids to be able to do when they are done with their schooling and developing in their professions of choice. But in the article, Justin takes it a step further, and rightly so, by saying we might think of critical thinking as looking for something wrong, something that can be improved. Right there is the tie-in to Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos. Yep. The very same Elon and Jeff I mention in the title of this post.

They both tirelessly look for what is wrong with something, how it can be improved, what learnings are born from errors, and how to innovate based on actual critical thinking. It makes perfect sense. Justin goes on to provide five tips for us regular folks to employ for a little help on the way to becoming more like Messrs Musk and Bezos. You can see them below. But for more detail, I suggest reading about them in the article.

  1. Don't rush.
  2. Pay attention to negative feedback.
  3. Schedule time to think.
  4. Fast forward.
  5. Let things simmer.

That's what I've got for you this week. Hopefully, it was informative. Now, go ahead and share, leave constructive comments, have a great Independence Day Weekend, and make sure to Achieve Greatness.