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Small Business Growth & Endurance Sports: Patience + Tenacity = Success

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Scott Moss
March 15, 2021

I am an endurance athlete and a small business owner. Really, I am. Just ask me. I've competed in Marathons and Triathlons. Also, I've been the sixth employee of two start-ups that have been bought, an investor in and head of sales of a start-up that failed, and now an entrepreneur at my own gig, M Sales Growth Advisors. Yep, been there, done that, as it were. Now that that is settled, let's jump into this blog post.

When I think about endurance sports, I think about the patience needed for building the stamina required to perform at a high-level for an extended period of time along with the tenacity required to continue performing all those times when your brain and body want to call it quits. There it is, the meeting of patience and tenacity. Now let's take a look at applying that meeting to small business growth.

In my experience, one must be extremely patient while navigating the proverbial "long and winding road" all small business owners experience as they strive for viability. People do say that patience is a virtue. But that doesn't mean waiting for success to come to find you. That will be a very extended wait, I promise. It just means to have a long-term view while working on small business growth because it takes time to build from the ground up. So be patient.

The part where tenacity comes in is when we are faced with growth obstacles. We can either cower in the face of adversity or we can accept their challenge and craft plans to overcome them. Then, as new obstacles appear, we take the same approach. We plan, we execute, we learn, and we get past the obstacle. Again and again and again, always with the tenacity that exists in each of us entrepreneurs.

Endurance sports and small business growth, two very different yet extremely similar things. If you can thrive through one, you can do the same through the other, as long as you have the shared personality traits of patience and tenacity.

That's all for today. Send it to your connections, leave a comment, and Achieve Greatness.