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Pivoting Your Business Webinar from Mike Ozan

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Scott Moss
May 28, 2020

Hey there everyone. I gotta tell ya, I listened to a great webinar earlier today. Mike Ozan, CEO, Chief Creative Officer, Founder, and multiple-other-hat-wearer, of TWIST Creative, spoke with a ton of smarts about Your Pandemic Pivot - Why Every Business Needs One. And I couldn't agree more. But that's beside the point.

The point is Mike and his merry band of Fearless Thinkers (love that name for his employees) have nailed it and should be an example for all businesses on how to find opportunities in times of crisis. Or in the words of Winston Churchill, as quoted by Mike on one of his webinar slides, "Never let a good crisis go to waste."

But the question is how do you use this time to better your business? There were many key takeaways that addressed that, too many to list in their entirety. But here are a few that resonated with me. Maybe they will resonate with you too.

  1. How you respond and what you say, both outwardly and inwardly, will define your brand for a generation, so have a plan and implement it
  2. Your customer's problems have changed and you need to adjust and adapt not only to their problems but also to their new decision-making pace
  3. Think about what your business stands for now, not what it has always stood for because things have changed - your message and brand ethos need to reflect that change
  4. It's now time to move on from commiserating with misery to bringing joy and giving help - be part of what moves us forward
  5. The uncertainty that everyone is rambling on about is "bullshit" - there is plenty of data available for forecasting, planning, reinventing, etc., so use it

I'd like to hear what you think, constructive comments only please. Go ahead and share with your friends & business connections too. And as always, Achieve Greatness.