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How Do You Handle Sales Objections?

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Scott Moss
January 30, 2021

I was asked that question by a member of a small business owners group I advise on a regular basis. My response was fairly straightforward, I think. It went something like this:

It depends.

Oh, I know, brilliant. But it really does depend. There are so many types of objections and equal types of suitable responses that your ability to overcome and earn the business relies heavily on both creativity and logic in the reply and the ensuing discussion it will prompt. But first, you must understand why the objection exists in the first place. A smart way to accomplish the "understanding" part is simply to ask the potential customer to expand on her/his apprehension to move forward. That can sound something like this:

Hmm, yeah, ok. Can you expand on your concern a bit more? I'd like to see if there is a way for us to work through it.

All you're doing here is starting a conversation, not trying to shoot back a quick and thoughtless response that will most likely fail. Why will it most likely fail? Easy, because quick responses to objections are what disinterested, unempathetic salespeople who only want to close deals and move on to the next one do instead of consult with a potential customer to solve a meaningful problem or help achieve a critical business goal. You want to be the latter.

So, getting back to what I said earlier, about overcoming depending on the type of objection. By taking the approach I suggest, you should fully uncover not only the type but also the underlying cause so that you can prepare and deliver a suitable response. For some additional guidance on this topic, HubSpot published an article you can read right here.

I hope this was helpful. If so, feel free to share it. If not, tell me why so I can work on improving. And remember, always do what it takes to Achieve Greatness for your business.