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Data Connectors Cybersecurity Conference is a Win!

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Scott Moss
January 20, 2023

I attended this event yesterday (January 19, 2023) in Columbus and was really impressed with a few of the speakers. For context, you can learn more about the group that organized it by clicking on Data Connectors.

Needless-to-say, being a non-cyber security aficionado, I was worried that the terms and concepts discussed would be well beyond my mental capacity. After all, I'm just a business guy. But I do have several clients in the space and figured attending would be a great learning experience. And it was.

Here are a few highlights and take-aways:

  1. Pay attention to the basic fundamentals. They're not as sexy as some of the hi-tech tools out there but are as critical as anything else to ensuring strong cyber security for any business.
  2. What do you look like to outsiders visiting your website, looking you up on business database directories, and researching you on social media? These places are where you may be vulnerable to bad actors. Evaluate how they may enable access to your company.
  3. Networking and security are slow moving in terms of technological break-throughs and have not kept pace with SaaS and Cloud advancements.
  4. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication:
  5. Remove the hardware from your environment.
  6. Treat your network like an internet cafe.
  7. Craft your security policy based on outcomes.
  8. Embrace zero trust network access as a strategy.
  9. Most companies have their tech environment set up and then they wait for a breach to happen to assess their security capabilities.
  10. Why do that instead of testing your tech proactively and continuously so that you know if your tech tools can withstand an attack?
  11. Validate and optimize your security posture proactively.
  12. Knowing your threat landscape is step 1 so that you know what challenges you need to push against your prevention layer.

To view the actual presentations, click here. If you are a professional in this space and want to comment or provide additional insight, that would be awesome. I'm certain many people would be interested in reading your viewpoint.