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We're really proud of all the work we do with our clients to help them Achieve Greatness.



Strategic Sales Playbook B2B

Working with M Sales has been a company-changing experience for Hustler Marketing. While we have seen nice growth since we started the firm, we lacked a sophisticated, scalable, and strategic sales process. Scott was instrumental in helping us define, develop, and implement each item we needed to be a strong and focused sales operation. In addition to the plan, he even helped train the sales team and the CEO in accountability as well as sales management. There is no doubt he exceeded our team's expectations and we look forward to his continued advisory while we work on his plan.

- Bostjan Belingar, Founder & CEO


Strategic Sales Consulting B2B

Great company and great sales leader! Scott Moss had a positive impact on my business. He helped me to organize a sales team and structure that took our organization to the next level without the expense of hiring a full-time sales manager. His strategic insight and mentorship were invaluable in our becoming a sales-focused organization. Highly recommend!

- Jeremy Dobos, President



Strategic Sales Playbook B2C

Scott is a game-changer. He provided sorely needed sales leadership to our mutual client DigitalC, which is a non-profit that operates a broadband service in Cleveland's disadvantaged neighborhoods. He guided our client when crafting sales strategies and tactics, and then coached its newly knighted sales team on execution and accountability. With Scott's help, our client's sales grew 10x in a little over six months. The client is now positioned to scale its entire enterprise.

- Jim Kenny, Client Consultant



Sales Process & Coaching B2B

Scott has been the ultimate business partner in our quest to develop a scalable sales process. His expertise has been invaluable and his accessibility has been unparalleled. As a small business owner, it has been vital to be accountable to a coach like Scott. If you and your business are struggling to find a repeatable cadence for new business development and lead generation, I would highly advise working with M Sales Growth Advisors.

- Ron Laneve, Managing Partner

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Strategic Sales Playbook B2B

Scott Moss and M Sales Growth Advisors play a key role in our company’s efforts to fulfill our vision, which is to become an unrivaled, evolving business that empowers others to be extraordinary. That may be a lofty goal for an outsource IT management company, but Scott truly has a keen sense about how to make that work through his well-developed sales strategies.

When we first engaged with Scott, we were in the process of rebuilding our outside sales and marketing efforts. Scott’s expertise and focus on strategic sales and CRM tools were crucial as we sought to build a scalable, repeatable process for our business; something we had always struggled to achieve, despite respectable growth over the years. We recognized we needed something different, and that what we needed was outside expertise to elevate our in-house capabilities.

Scott is easy to work with on both a professional and personal level, which is important for any collaboration, but perhaps more so in what can only be described as highly stressful work: sales. He is resourceful, listens first, but quick to express constructive opinion. He creates a sense of calm in the storm, but never loses sight of accountability and running the sales team with good coaching, and the expectation of results.

When your business is ready to push to the next level, especially if you have a strategic vision to grow your organization, I can think of few professionals more qualified than Scott and M Sales Growth Advisors.

- Todd Whitley, CEO


We were amid a salesforce restructure when a LinkedIn email announced Scott’s new venture, M Sales Growth Advisors. I reached out to Scott and was immediately impressed with his experience and structured approach to rethinking the sales function of my company. I credit Scott for bringing the disciplined process our team needed to achieve a record 2021. Thank you, Scott!

- Jeffrey Siegal, President & CEO

Strategic Sales Playbook B2B



Scott Moss is one word: Fantastic! He has helped me create structure followed by process for our sales organization. Scott overhauled my comp models, created KPIs, and helped create a clear sales strategy. He helped to optimize my CRM tool - Hubspot - resulting in clear tracking, objectives, and tasks. I now have a clear, plug-and-play model that will hold my sales team members accountable. If you are looking for help in overhauling your sales process or in my case creating one, Scott has the knowledge and capability to deliver.

- Arif Sitabkhan, Owner

Strategic Sales Playbook B2B


Scott is such a pleasure to work with and he comes to the table with unmatched subject matter expertise in sales management. He came in, rolled up his sleeves, and went to work on modernizing our US sales operation. Scott has been instrumental in helping with interviewing sales staff, vetting marketing vendors, and configuring email sequences in CRM. In a few short months we saw tangible improvements on all the areas he worked in. I highly recommend him for any sales related assistance.

- Steven Panovski, CEO

Strategic Sales Playbook B2B

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I have always relied on talented fractional leaders to provide expertise to my company as we've grown. When it was time to work with a fractional sales leader Scott was the obvious choice for us. Scott is not only very knowledgeable about sales and sales leadership but possesses meticulous attention to detail. This is balanced by a strong understanding of the human aspects of sales and the sales process.

Scott's work with us transformed our sales process. We developed the right sales plan and put together the right sales team. He was a great asset in coaching and hiring. He understood our business and our industry. He functioned as part of our team, whom I could bounce ideas off of and who helped us grow.

I can't recommend Scott enough. If you need sales leadership help, Scott is your guy.

- Doug Miller, CEO

Strategic Sales Playbook B2B



Scott is a true professional in every sense of the word. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable regarding how to best leverage systems, automation, and training from a sales/marketing and overall growth perspective, but he is organized, thoughtful... and is an individual who operates with 100% integrity. I highly recommend Scott if you are looking to optimize sales/marketing within your organization. Thanks for your dedication to our success Scott!

- Greg Shanken, CEO

Strategic Sales Playbook B2B

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In short, Scott Moss and M Sales Growth Advisors brought a wealth of knowledge with concrete, usable, realistic methodology along with content templates to dramatically improve our Sales & Lead Generation processes. I HIGHLY recommend Scott and M Sales Growth Advisors !!!

Scott is exceptional in leading the ‘Strategic Sales Playbook’ (SSP) process and engagement of our entire leadership and sales teams. The deliverables and timeline were closely monitored and met due to Scott’s attention to detail throughout the process.

The SSP building process is broken down into workable 2 week cycles that really helped us focus on what was needed during each phase. The amount of time our staff was required to participate during the creation of the SSP was minimal. Scott does a GREAT job of critical listening to gather quickly all information from our team members.

We were REALLY IMPRESSED with how Scott’s expertise in lead generation cadence, sales coaching, and KPI accountability was all incorporated into our HubSpot application for top optimization and on-going disciplines to dramatically improve our entire sales operational cycle.

- Bob Nikolajczyk, President

Strategic Sales Playbook B2B

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